Sarah && Hagar

Hey y’all!!! I just want to start of with saying I am so very excited about this journey! Thank you so much for being apart of the Lord’s plan for this ministry. I hope that y’all enjoy and learn from this as much as we are. Feel free to give us any feedback or thoughts that you have.

Today I am going to be talking about Sarah and Hagar. Genesis Chapters 11-22

Sarah was Abrahams wife and she could not conceive. God told Abraham, “I’m going to make him a great nation and bless you.” And “look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them so shall your offsprings be.” Sarah now 77 and she still not able to have a child. Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham as a wife so that she might be able to have a family through her servant. Hagar conceived and began to look down on her master Sarah. Sarah was very hard on Hagar after this and Hagar ran away. The angel of the Lord came to Hagar, “Return to your master and submit to her. I will surely multiply your offsprings so that they cannot be numbered for multitude.” The angel also told her to name her son Ishmeal because the Lord heard her pain. God made a convenient with Abraham and told him he would give him a son by Sarah and you will call him Isaac God said “I will bless her and she shall become nations.” At this time Sarah was ninety years old. Three men came to town. Abraham greeted them and said he would bring water to wash their feet then they shall rest. Abraham got Sarah to make bread and he went to the herd for a calf. He brought them the food and drink. They asked “where is your wife Sarah?” Abraham replied in the tent as Sarah listened. The Lord said “I will surely return to you about this time next year, and Sarah your wife shall have a son.” Sarah Laughed when she heard. The Lord said “Why did Sarah laugh? Is anything to hard for the Lord?” The next year Sarah had a son just as God had promised. After Isaac was weaned, Sarah saw Ishmeal mocking them. Sarah told Abraham to cast out Hagar and Ishmeal because she did not want her servants son to be heir (next in line) with her son. God told Abraham to do as Sarah said. Hagar and Ishmeal were sent to live in the wilderness but God told Hagar not to fear.

As I read this I saw the struggle and pain that both woman dealt with. Sarah was not able to have a child for a very long time. She had given up the thought of it until she was 90 and overheard God tell Abraham she would conceive. Even then she still laughed at the thought. She just knew she was to old and it was not going to happen. This story teaches us that God can do anything if we only believe in Him. God knew her hearts desire and He gave that to her. Because of the hurt and insecurity Sarah dealt with, she was very mean to Hagar and sent her to live in the wilderness. For most women God puts the dream in us to someday become a mommy. Can you imagine how Sarah felt? Or even how Hagar feels? You get married to your masters Husband to bear her a family, then your mistreated for years.

When you are mistreated or not able to do something you sometimes start to feel insecure. We were not made to feel insecure! But its easy to do… God made us to be fearful of Him only! As long as He is in control of our lives there is no reason for us to be insecure. But we are human and we all have our days or struggles that leave us feeling insecure.

God is always in control if we only let him be. He knows the desires of our hearts.

xoxo A


2 thoughts on “Sarah && Hagar

  1. Really enjoyed this! You know the struggles we have had with infertility and this gives me hope that in God’s time his will be done in my life. Thanks ladies!!!

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