Ash Wednesday// Beginning Lent 

Lent is a season of fasting and repentance in preparation of Easter. (40 days) 

When I first learned about lent I was around 5 years old. My mamaw was giving up something and was talking about it. Little ol’ me was wondering why she was giving something she really liked for lint? Dryer lint? What’s so spescial about that? Can you imagine the confusion and thoughts that could of been going on in my little head. After laughing for a good minute I’m sure.. Mamaw began to explain to me what lent actually was. She told me that when she wanted that item she had given up she was reminded of what Jesus did for her.  Still not fully understanding I then told her that I would give up meat. Her and papaw laughed because I did not eat much meat anyways.

Jesus died in the cross for ALL OF US. He died for ALL of our sins. So that we may be forgiven and that we have an eternal home in Heaven with Him. 

Are you giving something up? What are you giving up? It doesn’t have to be food or drinks! It can be anything! Me and P have decided to give up negative words. We would love to hear what each of you are going to give up, please comment below. 
xoxo A 


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