The Sermon on the Mount

Matthew Chapter 5
Y’all sometimes I sound like a broken record to my husband. Anytime someone does something out of spite or because the other did something they didn’t like, I’m always saying it’s going to be okay don’t worry about it. How much easier is it to just give in and do something mean back rather than being the bigger person and let it all go. It is always harder being that bigger person and growing up this is something my daddy always showed & taught me as well. We don’t always know why someone does mean things but it is for a reason and no matter that reason God wanted it to happen! So why not trust in Him and be that bigger person.
Being the bigger person takes loving your enemies. No matter what they have done, your sin & theirs are no different in size when it comes to Gods judgement. We are to pray for those who do us wrongly just as we do for those who are close to us and we love.
“You are the light of the world”
Let you light shine so that others may see God through you!
Jesus also taught his disciples on the mountain about fulfilling the Law, anger, lust, divorce, and oaths. He taught what’s was right and what was wrong so that all may know.
xoxo A


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