Who are you to Judge? 

Matthew Chapter 7 
It’s so easy to get caught up in today’s world with gossip and social media. The things we have self confident issues with are being picked piece by piece. 
We are all guilty of judging others!! From what they wear, how they act, what they do, to who they are friends with, etc. Why do we judge others? Maybe it’s because that’s what the world is doing to us. 
There is only one judgement that matters! That’s Gods judgement. When that day comes are you truly going to be ready to stand before Him and answer for all the wrong you have done? 
I want the words I speak and the thoughts I think to be pleasant to God and bring others Him. 
So the next time you are being judgmental take a look at what’s on the inside of that person and not the outside. 
xoxo A 


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