I can totally relate to Sherry’s story in this lesson. I remember leaving the hospital with my daughter thinking, “They are actually letting me leave with this baby?? Don’t they know that I have no clue what I’m doing??” Seriously I thought surely someone was going to stop us at the door and say “nope you are too young and you don’t know how to be a mom!” But no one stopped me at the door so I had to learn, through the grace of God, how to be a mommy.
I am such a worrier, that is something that God has been helping me with daily because I worry about the smallest things. So, this whole being mommy thing has never come easy for this girl right here!! I’d LOVE to wrap my kids up in bubble wrap before letting them run around and play so that they will never get hurt…is that legal? They are just so brave and I’m not, they are so hyper and I’m not, and they are so stealth when they want to be sneaky!
The good news is that we don’t have to do this alone! God provides all that we need to make it through the day as a mom as long as we will look to Him for solutions and for the grace we need. 2 Chronicles 20:2 says “ For we have no power to face this vast army that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” We have to keep our eyes on Jesus, keep looking up my friend!

Share with us: Have you had a mommy moment where you have felt overwhelmed? What were the circumstances that made you feel this way?


6 thoughts on “Day 1 THIS FEELS OVERWHELMING

  1. I feel overwhelmed almost daily with mommy moments. I didn’t truly find Christ until my middle was about 4 weeks old. I feel like I’m still trying to figure out this “new to me” life along with teaching my children what I wish I had been taught. I’m such a huge worrier that I constantly question, “Am I doing this right?” “How do I handle situation XYZ?” and the constant what ifs are ALWAYS there. I’m still learning to give up my troubles to God because I can be such a private, self-sufficient, never ask for help kind of person.


  2. Amen and amen. It’s SO comforting to know that Christ is with us every step of the way on this journey. He definitely knows I couldn’t do this without Him. I have a huge amount of health issues and nearly every day, I am fainting in the floor at least twice and the Lord has really taken care of me on those days because Solomon has not one time ever been harmed and I still 100% believe God is going to continue to protect him. I love the verse this devotion provided in 2 Chronicles. I can remember being so scared that I was abou to become a mommy. I asked my husband how were we supposed to hold him? I was so afraid of the little things like bathing him, taking him places, etc. and a mommy told me that it all just comes to place and God provides you with that wisdom in knowing what to do in that moment. He certainly does! I had a cousin remind me that Solomon isn’t my child. He’s God’s child and God just gave him to me temporarily to raise here on earth and I am to raise Him to bring glory to God.

    Great first day!


  3. It’s been an overwhelming 5 months since I had my 3rd baby. He has medical problems that blind sided us and it’s so overwhelming and there’s many times I forget to put my worries and anxiety on God and trust in Him and his plan. It’s definitely one major thing I need to work on.


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