Have you ever had one of “those days”? Lord knows I have had days where I look at the clock and think “how is it only 10am?!”, when both kids are fussy and the dog got into the trash and my husband tracked in a ton of dirt right after I vacuumed! It’s great to have a mommy support line to call when it’s one of those days! My support line is my dear friend Ashley who just happens to be the other author of this blog! She hears all about my mom struggles and husband struggles and dog struggles!
In 2 Chronicles 20:1-12 King Jehoshaphat calls his support line and gets the help he needs. We should follow his example when days are hard, even if we have to hide in the garage!!
What is your go to strategy for when being a mom seems overwhelming?
My strategy is to recite the “mommy prayer” that I’ll post below:
“Lord, please help me to be kind. Help me to be loving. Help me to be gentle. You know that is not how I’m feeling right not. You know I am frustrated with___________________. Even though I ask you daily to guide my day, I struggle to receive the interruptions and challenges with grace. Please help me to lean into you in times like this. Rescue me from the damage I can do if I don’t surrender to you! Holy Spirit guide me! Help me to love my children well, guarding my tongue, while parenting with consistency and grace. In Jesus name Amen. “


One thought on “Day 3 WHAT IS MY STRATEGY?

  1. I have definitely had one of those days that dragged slowly and seemed like nothing went right. It is such a blessing that you have Ashley as a go to! I am actually blessed to have a friend who is my next door neighbor and also a dear friend who I can go to during tough times. A prayer I always have is for me to be loving even when I’m not in a loving mood. It’s hard to be Christ-like all the time, but I always try to think about Christ on the cross in those moments Those times when I don’t feel like cooking supper or cleaning up after my husband and baby I think, “Well, I bet Jesus wasn’t exactly feeling like carrying that cross for my sins, either, but He did. So I can do this one small task…” That really helps me get things done around here! ❤


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