Week 2 Day 1 Why we doubt 

Where is your happy/safe place you escape to in your mind when all seems wrong?

I dream about our little family farm with horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and of course dogs.. our perfectly designed house filled with love. A big living room for spending time with loved ones, a fire place and deer fill the walls, big windows out back overlooking a pond and the sunrise in the mornings.
Our safe place is a warning light that we need to find God in that moment. When things go wrong and crazy instead of dreaming.. find God. Let Him be that safe place for you. Anytime.. anywhere.. no matter what.. seek Him for he is always there.
The garden of Eden had everything Adam and Eve needed. Can you imagine life there and what it would be like? Can you imagine a life without cell phones, stuff to cook with, or even clothes??? Oh and don’t forget about all that baby stuff, toys, pacfirers etc.. I know we would not long for anything and life would be so peaceful.

We can have a piece of heaven if we spend time with God. We must seek Him everyday. Just a piece of your time goes a long way. I spend my time with God in the car on the way to work, and before bed.. I wish I was a morning person and I would start with Him. But we are all different because God made us that way. And we all seek Him and talk to Him differently. When can you make time to spend with God?

xoxo A


2 thoughts on “Week 2 Day 1 Why we doubt 

  1. My happy place is when I imagine the house we someday build on the same road as my parents. My grandparents told us if we wanted the land, it was ours at no cost. So of course, I have a dream of building a beautiful brick house with a front porch and also a back porch. I imagine sitting out on the back porch on the swing watching that beautiful country sunset.

    I love spending time with God. However, when I pray, it has to be out loud because I get so sidetracked with other thoughts and if I pray out loud, it keeps me on track. I pray whenever I’m in the car and I also spend time with God during Solomon’s nap and also at night after he has gone to bed.

    I can only imagine how beautiful the Garden of Eden was and how freeing it was as well. No hate, no racism, no crime, no interruptions; just simply the love of the Father and His beautiful creation. That gives me chills because it just gives us a little idea of what Heaven will be like one day.


  2. I have 2 happy places depending on the day. Somedays I long for a tropical island with palms trees laying on the sand under the warm sun listening to the ocean. Other days I dream of a cabin high in the mountains deep in the woods overlooking a beautiful lake frozen with a fresh layer of snow sitting next to a fireplace bundled up sipping hot chocolate.

    I try to spend time with God everyday, when that happens looks different everyday though. Some days I wake up before the kids enjoy a cup of coffee and spend time reading scripture and praying. Other days it’s a brief prayer and study while the kids nap/have quiet time. And then I try to end everyday in prayer. I keep a journal and pen next to my bed on my nightstand where I always see it, as a reminder to journal my prayers.


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