Week 2 Day 3 Hiding from God While Aching to be Heard 

I sometimes find myself hiding from God without even knowing it. But are we really hiding? No. We cannot hide from God! He knows everything about us. Every thought, every word, every good and bad thing. He loves us and forgives us! I know my day is coming when my child does something that makes me mad. We should love and forgive as God does for us.
I think we beat ourselves up over the mistakes we make more then we realize. Forgive yourself for those mistakes or overreactions and give them to God.
We women definitely have a need to be heard!!! Let God be the hear that hears you.
xoxo A


2 thoughts on “Week 2 Day 3 Hiding from God While Aching to be Heard 

  1. This is probably something I struggle with the most. I hold onto my mistakes and upsets for SO LONG! I mean I still have things from when my oldest was a baby, and he’s 4….I’m slowly and I mean like turtle pace slow, learning to let things go and give them to God. I want so badly to give my children everything I wish I’d had growing up. I want them to see God in and through me so when I have those “bad mom” moments it devistates me and I feel like I’ve let them down.


  2. I agree. We can never hide from the Lord because He is always there regardless of where we may go. We women definitely want to be heard at times, but sometimes it’s best we sit back and let God do the work. That is something that is hard for me because I am a very vocal person in my feelings and like to be direct with them, but have definitely worked on that the past few years. Mary was definitely doing her part and just taking in Jesus ans Martha was stressing about having everything done just right. I must admit I’m somewhat a Mary and a Martha in different ways. I am going to try to be more of a Mary, though.


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