Week 2 Day 5 Fruit Laden

What good is our words and faith without action? As James 2:14-17 points out without actions our faith is dead.. That verse really put our fruit into perspective for me. We can talk all day long about doing something but sometimes we just don’t really feel like going through with it. Right? Putting action to our words brings our faith more to life. We can lead our family to bear fruit by showing the fruits to them and others.

Do you show yourself the fruit of the Spirit? We are sometimes harsh on ourselves not seeing ourselves as God does. The thoughts and words you say to yourself become voices you continue to hear if your not listing to Gods words. God loves us! Listen to Him!

xoxo A


One thought on “Week 2 Day 5 Fruit Laden

  1. I absolutely love Galatians 5:22-23 (which is the fruits of the spirit). It is one of my favorite excerpts from the Bible. I believe God put these here right in from of me just when I needed them. I am definitely going to pay close attention this week to using fruits of the spirit and do it in the most humble, Christ-like way I know how.


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