Week 3 Day 3

I personally have struggled a lot with insecurity, and that is not an attribute that I want to pass along to my kids. So I loved the practical advice in todays lesson when she said “’Sometimes a bad thought will come knocking at your door, but you don’t have to invite it in for coffee and a piece of pie!” It’s encouraging to know that I can tell negative thoughts about myself to go away and focus on what God says about me!
Let’s shift our focus away from our insecurities and onto what God says about us as moms!  You are the PERFECT mommy for your babies! God hand picked you for this job! Your mommy resume says…that’s my kid and I am her (his) mom!!!… (and so do your stretch marks and gray hairs…sorry had to have fun with that! )

Yall have an amazing day and love those babies!!!


2 thoughts on “Week 3 Day 3

  1. Oh how I needed this lesson today. Sometimes it’s easy to envy someone because their life seems so perfect compared to yours. Matter of fact, I’m guilty of that at times. I have a friend who has always had anything and everything she ever wanted, never had to worry about money, and also everything seems to go so perfectly for her. I have been guilty of being slightly jealous and I’m glad we had this lesson today because I am ashamed of that feeling i had toward her and I pray that God will forgive me. It’s so easy to get carried away with our insecurities that we forget to focus on our children and the good things God has blessed us with. Satan really does want us to fail, but I refuse to let him steal my joy. Thankful for this reminder!!!!


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