Christmas is coming!

Hey Fearless and Wonderful Women!

We hope yall had an amazing Thanksgiving! We are so excited about the upcoming Christmas season! In our houses we are really trying to put the focus on Jesus this season! This year we are participating in Advent. Yall there are soooo many Advent calendars and resources out there, believe me it can be overwhelming! I finally narrowed it down to one that I think will work for my family. I will post the link below! This one goes along with the “Jesus Storybook Bible” which is a beautiful Bible for kids and is easy and fun to read…highly recommending this! Its amazing! Advent starts December 1st and goes through Christmas Eve, this schedule walked through stories in the old testament and connects them to the birth of Jesus! Each night we will read a story and hang a ornament on the tree that has a picture on it related to that story. The link below has a printer friendly page where you can print the “ornaments”, the front has a picture and the back tells you the date to do it and what story to read! Super easy and fun!

We want to know… does your family participate in Advent? What is your favorite Christmas tradition? What is your favorite Christmas food?

Jesus Storybook Bible Advent:


Happy Thanksgiving from FWW!


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