New Year = New You.. right?

We have been enjoying time with our families! From becoming new parents and learning this little blessing.. to playing and celebrating the holiday traditions.. Children are little miracles from God and we are so blessed!

We are excited to get back to what God has put in our hearts, sharing His word with y’all!

We are very excited to start 2018! We have the year planned out and hope y’all will join us! We have worked hard and hope the studies we have picked speak to each of you. Please share with anyone you know that’s interested in learning and growing more in their spiritual journey.

The first study we are doing is 40 Day Challenge Christ Walk. We will start January 1st. In this study you are challenged to grow in your spiritual and physical journey. We will have a walking goal as a team and you can make your own personal one too. We will also share tips in our post. This is going to be a very fun study but want it to be very interactive too. So join in the conversation with us! The book is only $7 on Amazon Link below for this study.

xoxo, A & P



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