Day One!

Happy New Years!!

Welcome to our new study Christ Walk! If you havent ordered your book you still can.. just follow along and catch up once your book comes in 🙂 below is the link to order this study. This will be a Monday – Saturday study. Starting today and ending on February 15th. The New Year brings everyone to have a resolution. Our resolution is to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. We want these forty days to transform you to go after new journeys and new goals.

Christ Walk Book

God does not want us to be at war with food but he did intend for us to use our bodies in our daily lives. with our bodies we are to care for the temple of God within us. Those days you do not feel like eating healthy or doing exercises God will give you the strength you need. God is always there to guide us.

“ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened.” – Matthew 7:7

God walks with us every step every day. the Bible is filled with His word to us, to inspire us when we need it and to guide us through life. Be sure that you set your goals where you will stick with it. We have to make a healthy body for the temple of God created in us.. Exercise, eating, nurturing, and resting.. are all ways of becoming a healthier you.

We will be having a challenge in this study.. Which one you do and how you do it is up to you.. But do yourself  a favor and go out of your comfort zone a little and follow through, so that you grow to a healthier you! 🙂 In Appendix A on pages 186-188 you will find the walking routes to pick your challenge and on page 7 you will find a mileage calculation chart if you want to do other things other than walking… like praying, yoga, etc.

I am personally choosing the Jerusalem Challenge. 2.2 miles per day! this is the route Jesus traveled in his final days. I plan to do yoga for 18 minutes half (M,W,F) and walk for 1.2 miles the other half (T, TH, S). Then I am doing to pray for 15 minutes each day.

Have Faith to continue your journey!

“Walk in love as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us.” – Ephesians 5:2a

Live and walk through life like Christ would. Love wholeheartedly. Give with all you’ve got. Be a light to the world. Share the word. Make your temple better each day by conquering  your goals.

“Surely the land on which your foot has trodden shall be an inheritance for you and your children forever, because you have wholeheartedly followed the Lord my God.” – Joshua 14:9

Please share your goals with us and which challenge you will be on through the next 40 days.

I challenged each of you today to do everything wholeheartedly. Listen to what He is telling you each moment and let Him guide you.

I pray The Holy Spirit will lead you wholeheartedly. That you may hear what He has to say and not just hear but do. I pray that this year will be a blessing to you. And that you give all of yourself to The Lord.

xoxo A


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