Day Nine

Psalm 73:4 “For they have no pain; their bodies are sound and sleek.”

Exercise is so important for our bodies! It keeps us from a huge list of health problems and it is also a way of honoring the temple that God gave us. Our bodies are a temple of God so we have the honor and privilege of taking care of it!

“Exercise is good for you. when you make it a routine and discipline, it feels really good. Keep in mind that it takes repeating a discipline for about six months for it to become a habit.”

Today I challenge you to get out and exercise! I will be doing some yoga! I really love “Yoga with Adriene” it’s free, it’s online and she usually has some sort of challenge going on for each month! Go check it out!

I pray that we would each find our exercise niche, may it be yoga or running or kick-boxing. etc.! Find something you love and GO FOR IT!

You are a rockstar!! Keep it up!



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